Hello all, I am a new player. I've played MMORPG's over the years but stepping into LOTRO for the first time. I purchased the Samwise Gamgee starter pack for my account yesterday. How long does it usually take after a purchase to go from F2P to Premium? When I log in I have the extra bag and the horse but still do not have the 5 slots for selling in the AH.

From the LOTRO store site, "If this is your first purchase of a LOTRO product, then you will also be automatically upgraded to a premium account and get 1 Character Slot and 5 Auction House Slots for free!"

Also, I play east cost but started on Laurelin not realizing it was predominately European timezone players. My guardian is 16 now but I have been thinking of starting another character on another server to have more people playing during the hours I will play.

Any advice to a new LOTRO player, but former EQ and WoW player, is greatly appreciated.