Countless times do I accidentally run into a 1v1 or that I get attacked while having a 1v1. And yes, I know people are going to say that it's fair game and that you're open to be attacked at any point, but I also know that a while ago, 1v1 and spars used to take place on the hill which is now occupied by the TR rez point, therefore I propose that we vote/discuss a new location where creeps and freeps can hold 1v1 knowing that there is some sort of understanding that, that activity will take place in that area.

I was talking to a fellow tribe member yesterday and he mention that we should designate the area just south of DG and west of HH. It is an ideal location, which is rarely occupied and is equidistant from both default spawn points (Grams & GV).

I'd like to know what you guys think of this; maybe if you have any other locations/ideas.