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    Burg Dev Diary is up


    Not a lot of detail (or much info at all really), but some new skills are mentioned..

    Not a word about FMs.

    It sounds like "Stun Dust" is now a skill in the QK tree (that maybe doesn't require the consumable? or that has a much shorter cool down?).

    Coup de Grâce sounds fun - I like the idea of going back into stealth.

    MM will be more engaging now, because the trick duration has been decreased? Hmm... Being able to get more trick-removal effects is good, I guess. But that's not really an issue for me currently. I used to be a pure MM up to 60 or so, and have been QK with a heavy MM splash since then. I personally didn't think it needed much changing, other than to increase DPS a bit while in MM perhaps.

    "Instead of having a random chance to apply one of four effects, Clever Retort now applies one of the four based on which Trick was consumed" - that should be nice.

    Looking forward to trying it out...
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