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Day 6 since 1st post, No reply at all from Turbine, my first impression about this was correct, they don't care nor even have the courtesy to reply with either a positive outcome or a it stays as it is. Good manners clearly aren't important, when good game play isn't either.
I'm doing the daily grind of the fair on 2 alts, the last 2 days i've not completed Egg scramble once because of the ridiculous low amount of eggs, its a joke to charge 5 mithril coins if we want to reset it, so even the chance of a bag tokens is taken away. Yesterday 1 alt managed 115 tokens total from festival.

Some of my kin only have 1/2 alts, and can only play at a weekend, they have zero chance of achieving anything.

There is so much negativity about the game at the moment, Turbine should be trying harder to appease players, not making long term players move away from the game and looking to other games for their enjoyment.

Bring back the drop rate to pre festival before you lose, upset and frustrate even more players

The only people really upset are the token farmers, plain and simple, which is very few, otherwise the forums would have expoloded in outrage. I'm one of them, but I'm not upset, just set back. As it it is, there is only 150+ posts by the same-ish group of players. All the servers are doing relatively fine at the moment. The lowest is at 662k tokens turned in.

We still have at least 60 more days, maybe even 90, until the event is over. If even the lowest server can average 10-15k a day at Farmer's Faire level rates, you'll reach goal. Chances are, one reason people are seeing an even slower increase is because now people are hoarding the tokens they need for what they want first, and once they reach that number, they'll donate excess.

It's not terrible drop rates if you still farm. I can get about 200-300 a day instead of the 1000 goal I originally had , but even at that rate, I'll have enough for the deeds on all my characters and all the horses before the event ends. I won't have them day one when the server hits goal, but who cares?