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    Question VIP and Turbine points

    Hello, I just have subscribed to a VIP account for 12 months, and I have won 6000 points directly and I have already used them.
    After that, I've read that, normally, I must receive 500 points per month.

    So, why do I have received all the points in one time ?
    Is it normal ?

    Thank you in advance for the answers.

    Sorry for the bad grammar, I don't speak naturally english and I use Google Translate to correct myself. :P

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    As a VIP member myself I can vouch that you do receive 500 Turbine points each and every month your subscription is active (usually this occurs within a few days of the billing cycle).

    If you got them all at once up front then that is news to me. I am not aware or any change but perhaps a blue name (dev) can answer this for you?
    Welden of Elendilmir

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    I really don't understand... A friend of mine have subscribed for a year today and he have received 500 turbine points as it's supposed to be.
    I suppose it is some kind of bug. x)

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    Did your purchase the game or simply download the free client? If you purchased (and activated) a game code, that game possibly came with some Turbine Points.

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    The free client.
    I just have buy a 12 months game time on the lotro market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissJiin View Post
    The free client.
    I just have buy a 12 months game time on the lotro market.
    You will get 500 Points to start. Every month another 500 Points. You will get the last of your points in August of 2014.
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    If you have a recurring subscription (where money is drawn from your credit card every 1/3/6/12 months) then you should get 500 TP per month, every month, until your subscription is canceled.
    If you purchase your VIP time via a game time card (GTC) then you will get all of your Turbine Points at once. (500 TP per month of VIP time)

    (That people with game time cards get their TP all at once is a relatively recent change. It was introduced about half a year ago for reasons unknown.)

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    Thank you very much. :3

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    Maybe because Turbine grows tired of dealing with all the tickes send month after month because they of course did NOT receive their 500 TP again ^^

    I know plenty people that have to write a ticket (or multiple even) each and every month...



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