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Thread: character copy

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    herp derp, nothing to see here. derpy derp derp
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    Of course with everyone quoting you there isn't anything you can do to hide anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjk47 View Post
    Hmm, the OP censored his original post, but left his quote of it intact.

    You can't help some people.
    He can't control the quote.

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    Actually he can. It is in another of his own posts! He could either delete the quote or the whole post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevncris1 View Post
    How long does it usually take for the character copy tool to work?
    Normally it's instanteous, or within 5 minutes. sometimes it takes a whole day. However, by asking this question you've announced your involvement in the beta. Thus ending your involvement.

    TO anyone else

    Ask your questions in the beta forum only.

    <--NOT IN the beta
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