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Thread: hunting dogs

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    hunting dogs

    hi lotro was just thinking to myself how cool it would be to have a hunting dog for the hunters. I have realized that it might be to late to add in hunting dogs to the game but then again you are adding new things to summon for captains so i was wondering if you could take that into consideration. cheers

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    I would find it very unlikely to add a pet to a class that doesn't have one already. They've established the Hunter pretty firmly as a non-pet class, while the animal-handler is the Lore-master. I think the LM has a Hound as pet during Mounted Combat, even.

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    No thanks. I actually have two hunters, in part because they are not a "pet class". I've tried the two pet classes in LOTRO, and didn't like them... I don't like having to split my attention between two sets of commands, I don't like the pet pathing issues, and I've found LOTRO's pets to be rather stupid. This wasn't the case in TOR, where companions were actually reasonably smart, self-sufficient sidekicks for your character.

    If they were to do this, they'd have to either A) make the new pets almost totally ineffective, or B) nerf Hunters to compensate for any additional power the pet brought to a fight. Both would piss people off. Or they could go a third route, where you have to trait up to have a hunting dog, but doing so would effectively nerf your other skills. I have a feeling relatively few would choose that trait set.

    In any case, I'm not sure it would be a good move simply because it would add to server loading. Unlike Captains and LMs (which account for less than 10% of all characters put together), Hunters are a very common/popular class. Adding hunting dogs in a way which most hunters would choose could cause a significant load for pathing and combat AI. And if they sucked (so few hunters would choose them, and the extra load would be small)... what's the point?




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