I always used the my.lotro.com information to get information on my toons.... sometimes I am not in the game or not able to log on to the game (iPad, on the road, whatever) but I want to check on some things like what to craft next, where to get the mats, etc.... and it was always handy to see what I was wearing, so I used my.lotro.com - which for anything under level 75 was still pretty useful, only the newer stuff never got updated. I also used it to check on my stats, (e.g. how much will does my mini have?) so I could find the right gear to up the will number, among other things.

Most modern MMO's offer webaccess to your toons like my.lotro.com used to have, and I am wondering if something new will be in the works to replace it?

Another thing I found handy: When finding a kinship for my toon (no longer needed as I am now a kin founder/leader) I used to be able to go on my.lotro.com, search for the kinship name, and get roster information. This would give me a pretty good idea on how large the kin was, what the levels are (e.g many/few 85s), etc. This never worked for newer kins anyways as it was never updated, but I found that information very valuable.

Are any additions planned to the new community website that would bring back some of these features? Personally I think people looking for a kinship should be able to browse through all kinships available, and leaders should be able to checkmark whether they want the info to be public or not.