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    Stacking run buffs?

    On some it seems it does and on others it seems it does not, so I figured I'd ask and get a definitive answer...

    On such things as an Agate Necklace of Quickness, which has a +5% out of combat run speed buff (or it's purple version which is +8%...), does this stack with the Hunter's 'Find the Path' skill?

    Also, I've noticed that the Tomes of Continuing Quickness (+5%) and the +10% Run Speed Boost (90 min), do not seem to stack with any coffee that I've used them with, and indeed, tend to blow away the coffee buff if it's up when either of the two above items are used.

    So what DOES stack with what, in regards to out of combat run speed?

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    Great question. I have boots that add 10% out of combat run speed and I don't see a noticeable difference when using Find The Path. Or when adding the hobbit gift run speed boost.

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    Hustle (the bonus from wearing any gear, obtainable as early as like level 5) does not stack with any other gear or with other run-speed bonuses. Pretty much any speed boost will overwrite Hustle.

    Coffee appears to stack with run speed buffs from classes. Run speed buffs from different classes stack I think but not positive. (IE, with a captain and hunter in group, if the captain hits Make Haste the OOC buff should be 46% total. Again, not positive.)

    Since you state both the Store buffs overwrite the coffee, I would have to hazard a guess that it's one consumable + class skills. (I imagine the in-combat 10 second boost probably stacks as well.)
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    That's a good overview on perhaps how it should work. However, there are bugs and if you try enough combos you'll see what stacks and what doesn't (in direct defiance of the tool tips) Very nice little moors perk.

  5. good information to have thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritRage View Post
    good information to have thanx
    I've got +15% out of combat run speed on my Hunter (with the Moria run speed increase armor pieces). So some armor and jewelry items that have run speed enhancements do stack--but it varies. I don't think run speed potions stack though.
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