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    Sword Halls T2 or T2CM

    Question for Sword Halls, lvl 85 instance.

    Most people say this was built for a warden to tank, with all their morale bleed skills. As a guard, I found T2 very hard. Survivability was an issue when you have so many mobs blowing up around you.

    I recently was able to get the Wildermore Curio to match my Sunbrand and Mooncandle rings, so I have a chance to proc 2 hot's on damage and 1 crit defense. My mitigations run about 69/68% when un buffed, and my morale is 19,600 before buffs.

    Any tips on how to make this more survivable, ie strategy or grouping or class roles?

    Thanks for any advice, warg pens is cool and all but I'd like to throw more things into the instance finder and get my Malledhrim cloak if possible : )

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    Not really a matter of survival for you so much as being able to keep all those bloody bats off the healer. If you trait protection and place it on your healer every attack directed at said healer will transfer threat to you, which brings the bats within easy range, lets your healer(I've found captains are ideal for this, esp with 6s rallying cry and their heavy armour) do their job without worrying about themselves. After that just make sure you're traited for max aoe threat and have the aoe target legacy on your wep. Do your thing, taunt like crazy, and circle strafe left and right around the pack of mobs to change which in the ball are getting hit by your aoe melee skills.

    If your mits, crit d, bpe, inc healing are all solid, and you're managing to keep your healer alive and not overly harassed by bats, then the problem isn't you, it is your healer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thefamilyosc View Post
    If your mits, crit d, bpe, inc healing are all solid, and you're managing to keep your healer alive and not overly harassed by bats, then the problem isn't you, it is your healer.
    I would say it's more the fault of the dps not aoeing the adds and bats down fast enough :-P
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    Perhaps, but I was assuming that the dps was taking care of the angmarin at this point. Though honestly the best strat for the updated version seemed to be champ taking the morreval/bats due to greatly superior aoe dps, while I'd kite the Angmarim and troll, then switch to ang, then troll at the end. Used to run it at 65 cap all the time, but only did it a couple times at 85, the loot just wasn't worth it. Did it with guard, champ, cappie, honestly don't know how it would work without aoe dps, or a warden tank...stupid threat leeches...

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    In the scaled version you don't really need a tank, (AoE) dps is king there, and having a good cappy in the group is a real benefit. I can tank all three bosses (and whatever adds remain) on my champ in full dps gear+fervour without kiting if there is a good cappy in the group, so survivability really shouldn't be an issue.
    Only tried it once on guard yet, but that run failed because the char was pretty fresh at 85, had very low ICPR and a rather bad group-setup (think it was PUG with mini and hunter or burg), so I ran out of power relatively fast. With higher ICPR and better gear now even that group should work. OTOH, if you can get a good cappy+champ in your group, might be easier to go OP and let the champ tank instead of "fighting" over aggro.
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    Answer: Dont tank it.
    Get a mini(or cappy) and an LM
    Get a 2 handed sword with +5 AoE targets
    Gear/trait for dps (trait harraser from the blue line as well)
    Have the cappy/mini run around kiting everything while LM keeps SI on them
    Use sweeping cut, whirling retalition, and vexing blow often to do max AoE
    With the LM doing AoE as well, the mobs should be burned down fairly fast (except for those annoying ever spawning bats from the bat lady, keep AoEing those)

    I find this to be the most successful strategy with a guard.

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    I ran Sword Halls T-2 20 times in a row the other night. We had 2 Champions and a LM who healed.
    As long as everyone stays together initially and lets the AOE work, then focus on Carch - Bat woman boss - as soon as she appears, the rest was easy.

    The trick is killing her first, saving your AOE until the bat adds spawn then take them out immediately. Once she dies, the instance becomes easy. 4 minute runs and fast seals..

    STILL no gold champ boots anywhere… but I have hope….

    I think 2 champs works best, but a LM, Champ and a main tank would work fine. As long as you kill her first........ Gotts keep the healer alive!

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    Only way I've ever tanked it is standing still (on the blood spot by the gate) and tanking everything. Use every AoE you have, let the DPS pick up whatever you can't, and then loot. So long as you have a Champ, Hunter, or LM for DPS, that is. Burgs and RKs could have a hard time tagging multiple bats quickly.
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    yeah, it is ridiculously easy now. For a little while after it was scaled(before the damage bug fix/nerf) it really did require a good group makeup, making it slightly harder than it had been at 65, despite my now being much better geared/more skilled.



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