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    Exclamation LFK that runs stuff

    Age: 23
    Character: Aglargelair
    Location: East US
    Server: Melendor (but will switch servers for the right kin, this server seems void of quality kinships)
    Class: Champion (but I can play any class, MMO experience listed below)
    Level: 85, Eastment WeaponCrafter Half way through master of the guild rep
    Start date: 25th of July, so about 5 weeks ago, of the instances I've ran they seem to come rather naturally to me
    MMO Experience: EQ1, EQ2, 5 years of Dark Age of Camelot primarily melee dps/tanking but also had a caster and a pet class all max levels, 3 months dps/tanking the Star Wars MMO, Guild Wars 1 briefly, Guild Wars 2, 3 years WoW on and off between expansions playing a Druid Tank/DPS and a Mage

    - I hit 85 in less than a month, primarily in Skirmishes because I found it to be the best way to learn my class, I'm looking for a kinship that does PvMP runs, Instances, and raids. I play 4+ hours daily (no, not an elitist, I help casuals the best I can) and will download any VOIP the kinship uses. I'm currently making up my virtues I bypassed by skirmishing but am almost done and at a loss to get the good gear with the instance finder never queing and the only kins that run things not recruiting. I will transfer servers if needed.. I really like this game but I find myself at a stopping point being unable to get the marks or groups to continue.

    So PLEASE if you have a kin that does run these different aspects of the game, I'd like to join. I don't complain if I'm not in the starting line-up, I just want to be able to be with a group of people to ahve fun with and progress.

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    I've been in the kinship Remnants of the Holy Knights for over a year now, and its been a great experience. We have some of the friendliest people on the server, you will always find the help you need or the gear you need crafted, along with the typical kin-house, vent, etc. We aren't a huge kin, but we have definitely been growing these past couple of months. We have 25+ active level 85 players(Those who play 3+ hours a day), whom most of which have more than one level 85, so you could say we have about 50-60 active level 85s. And we have a dozen or so level 85 players that are semi-active (Those who can play a couple of days out of the week), and we also have some who are inactive until the expansion arrives.(Its about 175 level 85s all together, I just counted.) Not to mention all of the mid-leveled players that should be reaching 85 very soon, and a pretty large lower level player base. We average about 25 players online at a time during peak hours.

    I would consider the kinship more on the hardcore side of the spectrum. We try to get a couple of raids going on the weekends, and possibly during the week. In fact, we just did a run though all three t2 erebor raids last night. We don't really plan 6 mans and 3 mans, those are usually more of an on-the-spot sort of thing. But things have died down a bit, since we are in the drought between updates. We plan to do a lot of Helms Deep runs once the expansion hits in a couple of months.
    We have a pretty active moors crowd of about 10 people, and we are out there almost every night that we are not raiding. We are not elitist in the moors, we like to start open raids get some new people in our groups, not just keep to ourselves and only group within the kinship. Some of us are also starting to go on creep side from time to time.

    Just send a tell or mail to my main character Palno if you are interested.
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