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    No subscription to LOTRO found -error when trying to play

    To LOTRO Forum people,

    I played this game a few months, maybe a year or so ago with my turbine account, username [removed]. I just reinstalled the game, and it's giving me the error "No subscription to LOTRO found" when I try to log in. Searching both this forum and others, I've gotten answers like "you must be trying on the wrong account name" or "you need a code to type in to add it to your subscription list on Turbine" and all this funky jazz. I am 100% sure this is the account I played on back then, because it's my universal online username. The forum answers I was finding about Turbine subscriptions prompted me to look on Turbine.com and I found that under subscriptions I only have DDO, something I also tried a while back. I don't see why DDO remained and LOTRO didn't, when I actually have played LOTRO more recently from this account. I'm not worried about losing a character or anything since my plan was to start from scratch again. However, this game took nearly 30 hours to download on my poopy (edit. forgot, no cursing. lol) , overused wifi and I'm very much ready to play. If I need to submit some kind of ticket to Turbine, I ask that I get some kind of guidance with that. I've never submitted a ticket there and the actual text boxes on the website have very vague descriptions of what the content should be. Also, how fast, on average, are those tickets responded to? And could this be some sort of problem relating to the Pando Media shut down or is that completely unrelated?

    PS: I am a completely F2P player, so this subscription deal, I've been told, is just a formality that sort of keeps up with what games I'm using through Turbine. I'm aware that this doesn't require a subscription ($) and that it is subscribing to a free game. I'm just not sure how to get the game onto my Turbine subscriptions page thing. It isn't there, and I'm assuming that's the problem, I'm just not sure how to fix it.

    PSS: PLEASE don't tell me that I'll have to reinstall the game or I'm gonna flip out and snap my computer in half. That took SOOOOO long.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read or help out. I'm itching to start playing.

    Edit: Since writing this, I got impatient and decided to send a Free Key Request Ticket to Turbine. It's been 3 or so hours and I havn't gotten a reply yet. Little frustrated. I've now put about 2 full days of waiting and downloading into this game. I'm ready to start playing. If I did anything wrong or right, please let me know. Thanks forum readers.
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