A couple of important things to note here:

  • If what they said about points is accurate, we should have 71 points to play with at cap. (One point every two levels, plus one point for every class deed.) From what I can tell from the tree, without being able to see the numbers of the last couple of tiers, we should be able to either a) max a branch and dabble in the other two, or b) spread points out somewhat evenly between the three for hybrid builds (and be able to actually get decently deep in the branch).
  • Character specialization seems to affect the skills/traits found on the left side of the screen, and it appears that as long as you're deep enough in the branch that they are chosen automatically at no cost to you. I think these are the equivalent of set bonuses in the new system. (Equip enough blue traits and your trait on the left is unlocked.) If you count all the points spent, you'll notice nothing on the left bar counts against your spending points.
  • It appears that we'll be able to get 5 builds total at the start: 2 that come for free and 3 which are purchased. (They've confirmed the 2 free, I'm not getting that part from the image.)
  • From the tabs on the left, I would take a guess that the other two tabs are Racial and Virtue trees of some sort. No idea if this means they're revamping them as well, but I certainly hope at least Racials are being revamped.