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    (Landroval) House of Play - social, democratic, mature kinship

    Who we are: We were founded by a couple of over 30 moms who love gaming. We started this kinship seeking a tight-knit, diverse, international group of men and women who are open to friendship, sharing in quests, helping each other with crafting, exploring group content/instances with laughter and learning - or just yapping about games/kids/life in kin chat.

    We want our kinship to grow as a democratic one - in which decisions are made by the kinship as a whole and the direction we take and how we grow will be determined by everyone. Our code of conduct and the structure within which we will operate is still a work in progress, and is being openly discussed in our membership forums.

    Who you are: Someone who likes that there are real, diverse, fascinating people manipulating those toons in-game. Someone who enjoys getting to know them, working together to create a kinship that can grow and flourish, and laughing. Someone who doesn't mind wiping and learning as we go, helping each other, or being understanding when someone's family calls and they need to go just as we hit the last boss. We are not an RP kin, though folk who do enjoy that are welcome, we don't specialize in any one aspect of the game, or any playstyle.

    We are rank 10, with a kinship house in the Shire, as well as an extra house next door for crafting supplies.

    Oh, and if you have a suitcase full of vocabulary, a quick wit and a penchant for puns – bring all that along!

    We look forward to welcoming anyone who is interested in hopping in and helping us hew a happy, harmonious House of Play.

    Contact Flamenca, Saloriel, Remilda, Hemingway, Isucy, Batcher, Willawen, or Eedwyena. If you are in AU/NZ timezone - contact Mysterieth in-game or visit: houseofplay.guildlaunch.com to apply

    We look forward to meeting you!
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