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    Shadowbane of Landroval welcomes you!



    Shadowbane, a veteran casual kinship that is one of Landroval's oldest continuously active kinships is recruiting. We were established at the launch of the game in 2007 and have never been inactive.

    If you're interested in joining an active kin on Landroval, you'll find Shadowbane to be a good home for you! Members are friendly and helpful, made up of a mix of new and veteran players, all classes and levels. You can count on members to be there when you need help or if you just want someone to talk to while you enjoy middle earth. If you're looking to make friends in the game, look no further.

    We enjoy all aspects of the game. We have groups that focus on end game content that meet on weekends, & deed nights for all levels every Thursday. There is never any pressure on members to participate. Enjoy the game at your pace but know you have a strong group of kin members that have your back when you need anything.

    Our policies are not complicated. We rarely if ever have issues with drama or immaturity. Members are expected to act in a respectful manner toward everyone, which includes kin and public chat.

    Evenings are our busiest times during the week, with members on throughout the day on weekends.

    The kinship website is very active & we publish a quarterly newsletter with stories, articles and other content submitted by members.

    The kin hall is located in the Falathlorn Homesteads, along with four smaller halls that house our treasuries with high quality armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting materials and other items free to our members.

    Our beautiful kin hall is filled with an amazing assortment of unique items. Drop by, browse, try on the orc armor, but beware.....touch the kegs at your own peril


    We are looking for active players of all classes. To join you must be at least level 10. We welcome transfers at any level. We know it can be hard to have to leave your home server, so we want to make that transition as easy as possible for you. You can join with a new alt at any level once you complete or bypass the intro.


    Kinship Hall, which serves as a gathering place and a neighborhood located near a vendor area where you can purchase items or repair at discounted prices.

    Four individual Fully Stocked Vaults: Items are free to all members.

    Full kinship amenities: Weekly kinship auctions; private chat channel for members & officers; member of a kinship consortium with chat channel available for putting together groups with other kinships.

    Members at all levels and classes; Master crafters in all professions to help you out with armor, jewelry, weapons, potions, etc.

    Vent Server Available to all members to use free of charge but optional.

    A fully functional (and very active) website which members use to communicate with one another and post help requests.

    Quarterly newsletter available via website or email, with updates, calendar w/upcoming events, & articles by members.

    If you have any questions, you can post them here, or visit us at

    If you prefer, you can contact an officer in game. We look forward to seeing you online and welcoming you!

    Our motto is 'Victory through Solidarity' - we can accomplish anything with our friends at our side, and this carries through to all aspects of gaming!

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    If you're looking for an active kinship on Landroval and haven't made up your mind, you're welcome to join us as we resume deeding starting this Thursday at 8 EST. We've increased deed nites to weekly. The group will meet every Thursday and start in beginner zones and move through each region. Bring your new toons, your alts or your veteran characters that need to knock out deeds for TP and other rewards. You can contact Dioradan for an invite to the deed group on Thursdays.

    We also meet every Saturday nite 8 EST for fellowship groups working primarily on end game content. That includes end game deeds (Roving Threats, Warbands, 3, 6, 12 man instances in the new areas) and featured instances. There is no requirement to be a kin member to join the fellowships. For Saturdays, contact Patrix, Eorix, Michaleo, or Elenia for an invite.

    Get to know kin members and see if Shadowbane is a good fit for your gaming needs.

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