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    Film of the moors

    Here's a vid of a raid of creeps hiding from me and lunch

    video number 1

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    video number 2!!!

    props to the makingnosensewhineybabydonvlad !

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    video number 3!!!

    might just start putting bulk vids in one post

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    Haha nice vids jak seems like things went downhill after me and shap logged. Also how can you play with a screen that small everything is so bunched up lol.

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    its my tv it makes everythign bunched up hate it liek that haha :P

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    The amount of qq on creep OOC is enough to keep me out of moors even longer
    Nice to see my kinnie Graemskull getting in there. I simply must compliment him on his hipsing, top notch I thought. He used to be a fail, so I taught him all I know about moors. He is even bigger fail now

    PS. No qq Grae, you do fail as you yourself admit, but not as much as me <3
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    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    I will say that was a pretty sweet bubble by Shap.

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    Wanna see a raid Vrs raid vid next !!!!!!! get cracking ! Jak
    " A request from "oO" "

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    wtb awesome inside tr videosssss



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