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    Question What kinships are now Recruiting?

    I have noticed that although Imladris a small server, it has a multitude of kinships. What kinships are currently actively recruiting? (We don't want to scare off any new players to the server by mobbing them.)

    Plug for mine: Legion of the Silent River Now Recruiting. Small kin, with most of our members offline, but we are growing. IMS, Tell, or mail.


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    Rohirrim is always open to new members. As long as you are a nice and kind person and good player.
    Oh wait, one more thing - you have to be Russian xD

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    The Guild of Shadows is almost always recruiting but we aren't a kinship for everyone. The reason is that we tend to be a more social kinship. While do a lot of things during what we call "gaming season" (which is usually during cold weather in the northern hemisphere), we are a virtual family first and foremost. We've been around for over 3 years now and consider each other as valuable people, not just toons. Anyone is welcome, however, and we love meeting new people. So you can contact anyone in GoS and they can refer you to an officer, or contact Earthewen (that's me), leader, or Cromlech our successor for more information. We have members from around the world and across all levels and classes.

    Happy Hunting!
    Earth - Credendo Vides

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    Cuthalion's Warriors is always recruiting as well. We're more of a social, laid back kin; so if you're looking for a big raiding one it might not be for you. We have monthly sparring events with The Northern Kingdom (though anyone may participate) and welcome all friendly, mature players to join. We also like to go on day trips to the exotic acid pools of Angmar and swim to the iceberg islands in Forochel, so if that's the kind of thing you're into, feel free to send me (Eliraenil/Jaeviel) a tell.

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    The Northern Kingdom Of Course!

    The Northern Kingdom has actively been around for two years, and is certainly one of the most interesting kinships on Imladris. It's not too big, not too small, and full of friendly players to help and have a great time.
    Simply click on this link to get a full description of what TNK has to offer to new and veteran players alike.

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    Hunters of Moonshadow is also always recruiting. We're fairly large and active, and do most things from raids to social events like our weekly Dance Night. Just contact me or someone in my kin if you're looking for an invite.

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    The noobs is a quaint little kinship that boasts some of the best players the server has to offer. So if you believe yourself to be noob enough, send vulpix a tell in game for more details.

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    Gemeinschaft des Rings

    Für alle, die Englisch nicht im Leistungskurs hatten....
    Wir sind ein netter, hilfsbereiter und gemütlicher Haufen mit einer übersichtlichen Anzahl aktiver Spieler (das muß ja nicht so bleiben...), die für (fast) jeden Spaß zu haben sind.
    Wir sind offen für alle Rassen, Klassen und Handwerke.
    Flüstert einfach einen unserer Offiziere im Spiel an, oder schickt einen Brief. Dann werden wie uns bei Dir melden, sowie wir gleichzeitig online sind.

    Rekrutierungsoffiziere: Bhalin, Bolldor, Kianson und Saelthanderch
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    The Darkwood Marauders are accepting applications.
    Darkwood Marauders of Imladris

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    The Tardis

    Bonds that Last

    Bonds that Last
    The great thing about this kin is consistency. You can count on the main core of officers to be there either on our mains or on their alts, and we always love helping new players with crafting, class info (what stats are best, etc) and leveling up. Even if you cannot play for awhile (which happened to me, 6 months hiatus) you won't get booted.
    Best of all, if you need something, one of us will certainly be able to craft it for you...for free!

    We also have a kin house, where we have parties, drink from the keg and wind up in the middle of nowhere, set off fireworks, dance, and spar.

    If you want to send me a message, my game name is Varediel

    A warden of Lothlorien meets up a with a rune keeper from Lindon and a friendship is sparked. An elf hunter from Mirkwood finds a minstrel mourning the loss of Edhellen. A captain of Rohan rides to Bree and comes across a burned farm, the only survivor a young woman who'd defended herself with a rusted sword and axe. Thus many adventures begin.



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