I have Minstrel and have been levelling multiple LI so I can decon them, then store the legacies so I can get a Second age DPS book & sword & a Healing book & club, all with the right legacies. I've managed to do that but now I want to upgrade the tiers of some of the legacies.

I thought if I carry on levelling other LI then decon them for one high level tier legacy I could swap that it with a lower but I just found that's a waste of time after levelling a 75 songbook with a tier 5 legacy but after Decon it says it will replace any major tier legacy with a tier 2 Raise the spirit etc

trying to read the online guides half of the links are missing now and after the last hour of ploughing through the forums I am more confused than ever, best thing I can see I can do is make crafted relics, then refine them to earn shards, then spend this on Scrolls to upgrade the legacies..

Any advice? (simple) if I have 4 maxed out LI is there any point in levelling other LI to decon?

I hope that makes sense, appreciate any feedback, really Turbine should put up some tutorial videos for a lot of this stuff..what a waste of time for everyone trying to find out how to actually use these things.