Rather than spam OOC in game myself and fellow tribemates thought we would post a quick invite for any 'expressions of interest' from fellow creepsies that want to know more about us and possibly joining the tribe.

Children of Ungoliant is a casual, social focused, don't take anything too seriously (except killing freepsies where possible...) bunch. We are gathering our membership from players that are/where in tribes we used to be in or older/returning creeps. We are especially looking for ex 'WOTGE' and 'Stalkers' tribemates from Snowbourn and Evernight, and anybody that we have played with in the past who enjoyed the banter, giggles and silly chaos we seem to attract.... We are more than happy to give a 'trial run' to anybody and everybody we don't really know so you can see if you enjoy what we get up to and we can see how you fit in with us. We are trying to keep deliberatly small so don't expect any tribe raiding or large numbers of us online at any given time (we have RL to contend with).


1) Any creep class you want to join with must be Rank 5+ just so we can see you have some idea of the moors. We have no restrictions on class despite the tribe being weaver 'themed'
2) As some humour and swearing will always ensue (sometimes a bit mucky....) 16+ age range tho for most of us that is a distant memory.....
3) Our tribe is mainly small group roaming and looking for trouble this should be what you would be most interested in for playstyle.
4) Most of us don't have time or enjoy the PVE thing so other than taking keeps/OP's leave that stuff to yourself where you can. (I'll always make an exception for killing hobbits tho...)
5) Hobbits posing as creeps need not apply.
6) Did I mention the hobbit rule?

Anybody remotely interested in joining or just to find out more can send a /tell in game to any member. We will endevour to offer an invite where we can but we rely on 'The Great Eye' for background checks and it's not always as fast as google