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    Thank you again for your response Mer. It only partialy answers my question though. I know you don't do it and now I know you dont condone the player doing it, I am still confused why you would allow yourself to be associated with and group with said player for the aforementioned reasons. I apologize for any confusion in what I am asking.
    Exploiting is blatantly against the CoC, it's very true and people should not exploit.
    However even still, exploiting to some can be a part of having fun with the game. To these people, being a video game, exploiting only has select issues with it that should be considered by the exploiter before attempting or going overboard, lest there should actually be anything worth being banned over it.

    These are:
    1) Inhibiting Turbines ability to grind our asses off and make us pay/wait for useless golds (In many cases this may be deemed as appropriate by these individuals as in their eyes Turbine are still a corporately human run company wanting to scam as much $$ as possible. This isn't true though, everyone knows Turbine descended from heaven for the purpose of our recreational enjoyment.).
    2) Significantly inhibiting another persons (either individually or collectively) game experience the way they would and should normally be able to experience it to the point they become reasonably(Note this word) infuriated or stop having fun. *Note in these peoples eyes that this paired with 1) are the only reasons why turbine would logically choose to have exploitations against their CoC.
    3) Ruining the delicate balance of a video games prime competitive nature by a morbidly significant standard in large scale sessions. - This refers to the competitive balance in regards to the individual only.

    The main reason behind exploiting is for what is referred to by these people as '####z and gigz l0l'.

    In the eyes of the people I would assume you are inferring about towards whom of which Meraithe tolerates, they will have only broken as many rules (rules of which the aforementioned are also apart to these individuals, and also apparently some GM's who couldn't give a damn about having blind black and white ambition to their own CoC) as you.

    To my knowledge, Meraithe does not group with anyone who lacks such honour.

    P.S. Don't exploit kids.

    And don't exploit the game.
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