We welcome any & all that wish to join. Current rules: play as you can, help others as you are able, & have fun it's a game. All other rules, in my opinion, should be common sense. We are a friendly group leaning more toward the mature side. At current our confirmed age range is 12-65. We run most hours of the day with 5-15 active players. The majority of the kin is from the USA but we have a good group building all the time from Australia & Europe. Our strengths are in help with crafting, questing, & group play. Weak in role playing. Not against it but with this being my 1st mmorpg I'm just not familiar with this aspect of the game. I'd welcome any new member that would like to work to add role playing to our kin. Currently we are focusing on the importance of deeds for traits scheduling deed runs for the weekends. I thank you for taking the time to read this post & hope to see you in game soon. Gallaborn, Leader, Nomads of Rohan.