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    For those who knew Odesius/Gelfling/Dogard/Artaurious

    On Thursday the 29th of August, Odesius was involved in a car accident on his way home from work and he passed away shortly after. He had just recently turned 30. He is leaving his sister, his beloved and many devastated friends behind.

    Since he enjoyed the Ettenmoors, especially on his Warden, we decided to make a memorial walk for him on Thursday the 5th of September. Everyone is welcome to join us at the Prancing Pony at 20:30 UK time and we will then ride to the Shire together to get into the Moors.

    I will miss you, my friend.

    Leader of [b]Friends of Smeagol[/b] - Eldar

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    I'll miss you, my friend.
    Friends of Smeagol - Eldar Server

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    Will miss your calm steady and crazy voice, safe travels!

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    you will be greatly missed my friend

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    You are sorely missed, a life cut way to short.

    We will remember you forever my friend

    Godspeed where ever you are now

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    I´ll miss you sTeve

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    You will be forever remembered and missed my friend.

    Rest in peace Steve.

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    Rest in piece sTeve, you will be missed and may your god be with you

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    Sleep well Steve. I will promise to remember in Ettens that I suck, and to use the horn when they are about to eat me (and to notice I used it too late).

    I love you and I wont forget you.
    Your Heriwench

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    Eldar server
    Metalheads of Mordor will be there.

    R.I.P. wherever you are.
    Vargfalt - Guardian ~~~~ Varglimoth - Minstrel ~~~~ Verloren - Black Arrow
    Metalheads of Mordor - Eldar

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    R.I.P. My condolences to his loved.

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    May he rest in peace.

    My condolences to friends and family.

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    R.I.P. Steve

    My condolences to family, friends and your kinnies.
    [COLOR=#ff0000][B] Polaris / Nazdar / Furia[/B]
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    I'm very sad to hear that he was a great player was always a pleasure seeing him in the moors we had some great fights together, you will be missed .

    Rest in peace my brother.

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    We are all shocked by this news. Our thoughts go out to his family, loved ones and all who knew him.
    R.I.P. Steve, we will never forget you!

    Kinship Legion

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    The walk will go ahead as planned tomorrow evening, Thursday 5th of September. Those who want to meet freepside, we will be meeting at the prancing pony as planned. For those who plan to attend creepside, please be at the steps in GV around 9 UK time.

    Thank you all for your support, it's touching to know he made an impression on people outside of our direct circle of friends.
    Friends of Smeagol - Eldar Server

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    My condolences to those he leave behind. U will be missed sTeve .. take care shereever u are.

    Luluwyn - leader of Vikings

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    London UK
    Really sad to hear when someone has passed away so young.

    Didn't really know Steve well but saw his Warden often causing mayhem in the Moors.

    Rest in peace.

    On behalf of the Aftermath, best wishes and condolences to all his family, kinnies and friends.




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