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Thread: Rend exploit

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    Rend exploit

    We've got a warg or 2 that can kill ppl within 5 secs using the rend exploit, he does this a lot I'd like to know the stance of turbine on the use of this. Do you consider this a exploit and are you investigating into the use of it and possibly trying to fix this anytime?

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    Why is this in the minstrel form?

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    I have no idea why it put this here, I had originally put this in the PvM forums...

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    We have at least 3 wargs on Eldar that do this. I am saving all my combat analysis logs in fights with them. Will send them to GMs when I will have bit more.
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    If the player has no audacity, this is completely within the realm of possibility, and actually quite probable. 5 seconds given that most freeps who are under geared that enter the moors do not have proper mitigations or enough morale. I personally have dispatched several players before the 5sec pounce stun has came off. If they have no audacity then the length of the stun is intact therefore no heals or CDs to counter. This provides positional damage as well and with a good 5x crit/mastery setup claws can easily hit for over 2k damage itself while rend can pop for 1k+, that's half the freeps morale in two "fast" skills. One with a 1sec cd and the other with 0cd.

    It's easy to scream "exploit" if you do not understand how warg rotations operate. Using an immediate skill to interrupt a fast skill is not an exploit and if so, every burg who uses addle and champ who employs clobber is at fault as well. I can't speak for all wargs, perhaps there is some unknow rotation that can produce 8k dps like the burgs did with addle/CD spam. The fact that rend requires a crit response there is a minimum timeframe that can occur between skills in order to process this response. So the masses using an "exploit" is unlikely and perhaps it's often the situation explained above.
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    I had no idea there was a rend exploit. How would that even work? This is a stun skill, yes?

    I use Rend Flesh all the time and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary...
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