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    Quote Originally Posted by Katiepie View Post

    Thank you for the updated Maestro with Bassoons! It's a fantastic little program, one that I have enjoyed for many years.

    I have noticed that the volumes between the Maestro and ABC player differ, could you be able to tell me which one if more true to the in game volume levels?

    If not I'll just make a few testers and find out for myself.

    Cheers mate!
    Interesting. Is this new with v2.5, or do you recall if it existed in 2.4 as well? There shouldn't be any difference in volume between the two, but it does sound to me that Maestro is louder than ABC Player.

    It's possible that there's something wrong with the fix I did in 2.4 to remove the Chorus/Reverb MIDI effects from the preview in Maestro. Java's MIDI player has chorus and reverb effects on by default, which make it sound louder but they don't match how the game sounds. I tried to turn them off but perhaps it's not working...

    I'll look into it when I have some time. I logged https://github.com/digero/maestro/issues/15 to track it.
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    I do not recognize a Brusque Bassoon...where does that come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casilune View Post
    I do not recognize a Brusque Bassoon...where does that come from?

    Take it as a preview. Brusque Bassoon will be added during the Yule fest.

    For once Maestro is ahead of an update^^



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    Quote Originally Posted by Splik View Post
    No problem.

    A note though:
    The stereo in Maestro messes up our ability to properly tune the volumes, as its hard to hear the volume of instruments that are panned differently.
    Hope you will consider a stereo toggle option for Maestro ala. ABCPlayer, remove stereo in Maestro or at least make the panning much less. That would increase our ability to tune the songs better.

    Glad you are back, I will stop working on Maestro, now that you are back.
    I recently upgraded my Maestro and ABC Player (last time I updated was before violins and bassoons) and after some testing I have found that sometimes instruments heavily favor one side or the other. I am assuming this relates to the above bug regarding panning. The bug was present before the new instruments was presented, I just don't think it was noticeable as much with the vanilla instruments. I only noticed it after extensively switching between the violins. None of the other instrument types were on both sides of the fence (as you'll see in the list below), yet some of the violins favored left and some favored right, which is how I noticed it.

    I have a 3-piece song that I composed. It is designed to feature a flute, a harp, and a violin. Prior to violins, I substituted in a clarinet and of course used the vanilla harp and flute. Now that we have extra instruments, I have been playing around with different instrument combinations. My preferred selection for this song is the MM Harp, the Basic Flute, and the LM Fiddle.

    Left pan dominant:
    All "Bowed Strings" category EXCEPT Sprightly (see below)
    Basic Flute
    Basic Bagpipe
    Both Harps

    Right pan dominant:
    Traveller's Trusty Fiddle
    Sprightly Fiddle
    All bassoons
    Basic Clarinet
    Both Lutes
    Basic Theorbo*
    Basic Horn*
    Basic Pibgorn*

    *-Felt closer to equalization than the rest.

    I generally dislike when instruments aren't panned equally to both ears/speakers (despite what the ear doctors said last time my hearing was checked, it makes me feel out of balance) and would greatly like to see the ability to manually pan instruments. When listening to the original midi, the instruments are panned equally and then the moment I switch to the LOTRO ABC instruments, they pan off to either side depending on which instrument I am using.

    I do not know how noticeable (if at all) it is in-game, but I greatly enjoy using a combination of Anvil Studio, Maestro and ABC Player to create music for uses outside of LOTRO and would love to see the panning equalized.

    Thanks for the great work on this project!
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