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Thank you for the updated Maestro with Bassoons! It's a fantastic little program, one that I have enjoyed for many years.

I have noticed that the volumes between the Maestro and ABC player differ, could you be able to tell me which one if more true to the in game volume levels?

If not I'll just make a few testers and find out for myself.

Cheers mate!
Interesting. Is this new with v2.5, or do you recall if it existed in 2.4 as well? There shouldn't be any difference in volume between the two, but it does sound to me that Maestro is louder than ABC Player.

It's possible that there's something wrong with the fix I did in 2.4 to remove the Chorus/Reverb MIDI effects from the preview in Maestro. Java's MIDI player has chorus and reverb effects on by default, which make it sound louder but they don't match how the game sounds. I tried to turn them off but perhaps it's not working...

I'll look into it when I have some time. I logged https://github.com/digero/maestro/issues/15 to track it.