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    Quote Originally Posted by Bevin View Post
    The link in Digero's post now leads to a github page. Due to no fault of Digero's, I'm sure, the download of the maestro.msi includes a Trojan virus, Trojan Kotver!gm2, found by Symantec Norton 360. I'm not sure if the zip file also includes malware, but Norton labels it as unsafe. That might be a false positive, but the msi file is definitely compromised.
    If anyone knows of a safe download site for Maestro now, I might still be interested in trying it.
    Hi Bevin,

    The installer does NOT have a virus. I just scanned Maestro_v2.3.0.msi downloaded from the github page using Windows Defender on my computer, and two online file scanners: MetaDefender and VirusTotal, and there were no viruses detected. Additionally VirusTotal shows that the file has the same hash as the first time it was scanned by that site in December 2015 (i.e. it has not been modified since then).

    Can you please confirm that you're downloading the file from https://github.com/digero/maestro/releases? It's possible that you have a virus that's infecting other files that you download. I would recommend doing a complete scan of your computer.

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    Hi Digero!
    I was wandering if you have any plans to work on Maestro anymore. There are many of us that would love to see whatever the bug is that causes note with 0 timing or note too long to be fixed. There are also many of us that would love to see a auto fade option added for the ending of songs. Maestro if by far the best tool we have at our disposal and we love it, but would love to see it improved a bit.

    Thank you for this tool, its been invaluable to us and we do love it very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emere View Post
    Thank you for this tool, its been invaluable to us and we do love it very much!
    My sentiments exactly

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    Will Maestro be updated when we get the Fiddle?

    I use Maestro a lot and i also hope you continue the great work with it, especially with the upcoming introduction of the Fiddle.


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