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    Maestro MIDI to ABC converter for LOTRO

    Introducing Maestro, a MIDI to ABC converter for The Lord of the Rings Online! From the same guy who made ABC Player and LOTRO MIDI Player.

    Update | December 16, 2014 - Version 2.1.1 fixes a bug that prevented you from editing an ABC file that didn't have the "C:" or "Z:" field.


    • Convert MIDI files into solo or multi-part .abc files for playing with your friends in game.
    • Listen to a live ABC preview of the song, which automatically updates as you choose tracks and arrange the song.
    • See all of the notes in the MIDI file, with notes that are out of range of the LOTRO instruments highlighted in red.
    • Choose how to map drum notes between MIDI drums and ABC drums.
    • Open existing .abc files to change the arrangement, transpose tracks, change drums, etc.

    Learn more

    ABC Player

    Maestro comes bundled with ABC Player. Use ABC Player to listen to .abc files that you or others have created. While Maestro does include a built-in ABC preview, using ABC Player is easier if you just want to listen to songs.

    Download - Visit the Maestro project page to learn more and download the installer.

    Use this thread for questions, comments, and help with any problems you have with the program.


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