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Thread: PvMP Map Revamp

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    PvMP Map Revamp

    this is a work in progress as I'm currently not able to give this all the time I would like. so it will pop out in sections. please give feedback of what you like and dis-like on the ettenmoors maps, both mine and whats on live.

    Map sections
    these are not just for cosmetic and so I can slowly update this and show a closer detail of paths and such. OP's and other elements will only buff certain area's instead of the whole map. there will also be more land hazards. the sections are not balanced perfectly because that would be boring. I hope each area has it's own feeling and promote players to slightly change there play style and movements.

    here is a screen shot of how it's separated

    keep in mind this is an old screen shot so it has slightly changed over time.

    I will do more in-detailed map sections in future posts.

    huge sections have been taken out due to either; land scape not fun and hardly used, didn't fit into my plan to make a more direct pathing system.

    please keep in mind, some sections that are fun have and will be kept relatively the same because they work so well in-game anyway.

    isendeep is split up into east and west. they are not conneted by the tunnel anymore. isendeep (the keep buff) is removed from the game. instead, isendeep will be a form of gathering resources and buffs for your side. both of these hold an OP that buffs the whole map and quest items. the keep it's self is removed, but the NPC's will be connected to camps that can not be taken. the quests will be split up fairly. the quest items will be on both sides. the eagle is connected to a banner on west side and the drakes are to the east. gramsfoot is changed only a little because of this.

    New map mechanics
    there are 3 major changes that would be added. I hope these don't push the boat out too much.

    - banners
    like the old banners. these buff are there respected section. there is always at least one in each area. there buffs may change and the NPC's around it might not be yours, theres, or even non at all - it could be a banner in a random feild without any NPC defending it. for example, hobbits defend one near the lumber camp. if take by the creeps the hobbits no longer respawn but no creeps come to help defend it. the TR banner has no NPC's. the norborgs defend TA's and drakes at Isen. banner can debuff or buff too. these do not auto-flip!!!

    - zone debuffs
    there are zones that have set debuffs or buffs. for example, walking in the slug water will increase critical defense. walking in the feild of dead will decrease incoming healing by 25%... these can be potency buffs and debuffs. but they will never directly hurt or heal you. these will be used for 2 reasons. path forging, deviating from the path will nurf you, but ultimately get you to your goal quicker. buffing from deviation, moving off the common path and not straight into NPC territory will buff you. but remember, these places could have NPC's in them and even other players, it's a risky path to take as it's not just you who gets buffed...

    - Main roads
    to promote people to use common path ways. there will be a few major run ways. on these run ways players get a +20% out of combat run/mount speed buff (this will stack with march). the path isn't that wide. I feel it adds a lot of depth to choosing the quick and dangerous route, or the slower safer route. there are not many. each side (grams and ost) will have one leading mostly to there respected keep that can not be taken. after that, from ost to grams, it will go though cross roads and sligtly go into 4 direction, but lead though tol, up towards isen from the bridge (path is updated a lot btw), then to ost. you'll see them on the/my maps as the thick white line. it'll be marked in-game as a very obvious path.

    links to my posts with map sections
    this will take a while. I'll keep updating this. each post map section will be slightly differant and have a slightly differant key. so please follow the links provided to the map sections

    Steps of Gram

    East Isen

    Hills of Lugazag

    Tol Ascarnen
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    /signed. Would be AWESOME
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    Steps of Gram


    1. Grams
    this has been untouched.

    2. Field of the dead + banner
    the Field of the dead is a wasteland of dead orcs uruks and toucherd free people left to rot at the side. wargs feast of the bodies and roam around the lands. with a few obsticals of piles of dead bodies and rocks, this can be scary to navigate. it's not helped by it'ss poisonous fumes that harm the hearts of men and orcs a like. striking fear into the mightiest. the banner is guarded by wargs. creeps have no problem taking this, but freeps will need to be quick.

    -25% inc and outgoing healing while in the fields (the dark red mist on map). but there are paths imbetween if you don't mind the detour. this has no lasting effect. the way this is placed is to allow creeps a quick path to the banner while making freeps go deep into it to get them. hopefully a nice choice for solo'ers to go.

    owning this banner proves how mighty you are to concer such vile lands. the enemy has a stacking -5% inc healing.

    3. warg dens + banner
    the wargs here are bigger and stronger than normal wargs. they even have a leader who can speak. but only when he's finishing eating his latest kill. the creeps are lucky to have such a ally helping them, the banner is safe to take. the free people will need to rally well to take it. the banner shouts out to all that see it the strenth or weakness of the wargs in the area.

    +5% out of combat run speed to the side who owns it. +10% stealth run speed too. these do not stack with each other.

    4. open feild for battle!
    this is simply an open feild for battle. it has a few rocks and small creep NPC camps to help them defend, but it's man on man here, may the better players win

    5. DG
    this holds the relics ofc. it can't be taken. the only change I want is anther path way in and out for creeps only on the north side. this could be done with a wall to jump down or whatever.

    other key parts on map:

    gray mist - this is to show hills. the arrow is showing which way you would fall if on it. these are like one way paths, allowing those above to jump down on the people below.

    yellow mist - slugs and slug water. slug water buffs players with a large amount crit defence. slugs are enemies that will attack both sides. you could use there water to your advantage or not. there buff lasts 1mins after walking though it. this is intended to be used to counter zergs at grams door by giving creeps a path to attack freep from behind with a short time buff. it also buffs nabs who first time in moors will be super squishy and will die too quickly anyway.

    thick white line - these are main roads. these give +20% out of combat run speed to all who are on it, but they are not that thick.

    thin white line - path ways, while not the only ways to go, these show which way most people will run. these are more like guidelines tbh, so don't take them too seriously.

    white arrows - to express that area is open and paths can be forged all over.

    3 red dots - these express Creep NPC camps that litter the place. just a few sigs and elites for players to run to so they *feel* safer if need be.
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    Would be nice

    This would be pretty nice change to see. Any change would interest people enough to come back to the Moors and LOTRO.


    It's good to know that I am not the only person who is willing to post on the forums about the Moors!

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    East Isen

    I wanted to make a very bottle necked fight between an outpost and banner. hopefully, players will take one, then assume they can take another. giving warning to players there going for the OP or banner. so in that gap between I hope players will have some fights. with the area buffing defenses depending on who owns the banner I hope battles on here last that little bit longer so the long distance for respawn won't happen too often. the players in the main road on the north east side also have 2 options to get out, and 1 way to get in. so surprise attacks are possible to opposing sides if there not wary.

    the area is ment to be wild and feel right on the edge of the mountain. there aren't many NPC's in the center but each faction will have it's side it feels safer in. owning the banner here gives little comfort to help defend it. the open land bit I wanted to keep, I felt jumping off the road to the north east not to advantageous. you won't be near any help, you if backup is coming, you might end up fighting on a fair open feild. being more of a quest land and a land to pop into to cap the OP, I hope people will have more random skirmishes here than ever before, the very simple map will hopfully promote straight forward fights but some depth if raid vs raid out of grams comes this way.

    note: this will have 2/4 isen maps. it will also have some of the most stone trolls and ore on the map. I'll add them later don't worry


    1. Isen orc camp
    this holds any quest givers that have had to be removed from isen main. this holds a few big dudes and can not be taken, it's smaller than the orc-camp on live but will be used as a quick retreat point and quest.

    2. Isen entrance + banner
    Isen is a great source of resources. it holds a few nodes for ore and a banner to show the enemy you control this side of the mines. however, the caves have a habit of disturbing the cave-claws. since the war is reaching new heights, the free people and forces of evil have had to divert there forced out and the levels of caveclaws has become un-manageable. the cave entrance is always covered in cave claws.

    the banner has mutual enemies around it, can be taken, enemy NPC's always respawn and may need 2 players to take it.

    owning the east isen mines gives a buff to all those in the east isen section. +5% mitigations.

    3. East Isen outpost
    one of the 4 outposts in ettenmoors it has a great view of the landscape from the mountain range. closest outpost to the forces of evil, the free people will need to work hard to keep this in there possession so close to grams.

    4. Great Eagle nest
    this hols the eagle mini-boss and other eagles like it's old nest. the old nest has something else. the bridge behind it has been removed and will be focused more as a quest location and retreat point for free people if they lose at the OP.

    Other Key parts on map:

    red mist at norbogs - the norbogs have meny pests that live around them and the air is thick with pesky flys. there very annoying and stick around for a while increasing your miss chance by 10% for 2mins.

    green confined areas - these will have thick patches of tree's. these will be used to slightly divert traffic, although you can go though, it will be annoying to do so. and fighting in these will be very hard for ranged classes.

    orange outline and black center - these are new mountains. these can not be scaled or seen past. a barrier to keep players to paths.

    3 yellow dots - these represent free people NPC's.

    if confused about any other markings, scroll back to past sections and see keys

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    Hills of Lugazag


    the Hills of Lugazag hide grams and the mountains behind it. deep into the servants on evil's side it's regularly fought over but due to the vasinity of grams, the free people don't always win... the lands are very wild, the trolls regularly interrupting travelers and taking advantage of the smaller creatures. even though the free people have a camp here, it's regularly raided by orcs trolls and wolves all alike. in tight mountain paths the fights are short and deadly. in what seems like an empty land, you best be alert.

    hilly and complicated paths players should take every advantage of jumping down cliff sides for survival or an advantage. it'll be a complete contrast to the flat land TR. give no obvious advantage to either side and keep players on there toe's as dieing shouldn't be too far of a travel back. opening up the back of lug and have a path going to gy should make people who push all the way to lug follow that to get the dead as they come back to lug, so it's not just ping pong. with 2 banners and a keep, this will be a very tightly fought land and I aspect people to be very edgy and use all the cliffs, tree's and rocks to there advantage. I suspect burglars and wargs to love this land.


    1. troll hideout + banner
    the trolls love annoying the little folk in battle. they love the scratching post more!!! (or as we call it, a banner). the banner shows who mains the main road in this area and is a key position to move down the hill safely without breaking your legs. the trolls are nice enough to let someone walk by, but to slow, they will attack!

    3 elite trolls roam about around the banner. a mutual enemy it might take 2 people to take it. this banner will regularly flip because it's next to the main road, but mostly owned by creeps.

    it gives players who own this in the section +5% evade rating.

    2. Lugazag keep
    it's barely changed. biggest thing to notice is that its behind has been remolded so you can run from the crossroads all the way up to the back door.

    3. Elf Camp
    not changed. but it's got a larger set of rocks/mountain behind it now.

    4. old orc camp
    there was once an orc camp here but the free people killed the orcs who settled there and moved there camp there. to show there victory the elves erected a banner in it's place. however the tree's have unnaturally grown fast. was it the river? was it the corpses? no one knows. the banner is hardly in sight now but it still strikes fear into enemys. however, when the evil owns it, the only hope for free people in the land is diminished.

    there are no NPC's guarding this banner. ever!

    the opposing faction to who owns this has there critical magnitude reduced by 10%.

    5. Graveyard
    it's barely changed, but there is a large rock to hide behind now so you can go out the back way easier.

    all other elements of the map are explained in previous posts.

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    Tol Ascarnen

    Tol Ascarnen is the keep on the small island in the ettenmoors. Once a small marshland inhabited with neekerbreeker that tended the damp land. due to years of war and armies needing a safe path to cross, hundreds of dwarven workers gathered to move sand dirt and stone to form the island around the few bits of jaggerd rocky land already there. arose Tol Ascarnen, a huge keep that boasted a central point of the ettenmoors and proved control over the main road there. however, the great tower is not so pretty anymore. the neekerbreeker nibble at it's very foundations and have already collapsed a huge section. the walls won't hold... can the free people?

    Tol is the only keep that gives players +20% run speed inside like the main road. it's split up into 2 sections. a very open side (south) and a very rugged side (north). the keep has a new graveyard very close to it and is the best keep to own if you want to controll the ettenmoors.


    1. west bridge + banner
    with no NPC around it, this banner proved who owns which bridge and where the enemies or allies should be comeing from

    the banner gives a all players in the section +10% critical magnitude mitigation.

    2. Tol Graveyard
    a new addition but I felt it is just. the graveyard has 3 main paths out, but you can jump and break your legs if you wish. 2 paths lead you to go into tol from the back way, or even out of tol area. the 3rd is a doorway to the delving.

    the graveyard does have 1 shotters around it. you can not jump from tol to there now.

    3. the keep
    tol is refashioned a lot. the quest room and backdoor room is removed. all quest guys go downstairs in the courtyard now, less NPC's in general too. tol does not have a back door anymore. where the questroom and backdoor room was is just a wall now. other that those huge changes, nothing else.

    4. south bridge + banner
    with no NPC around it, this banner proved who owns which bridge and where the enemies or allies should be comeing from

    the banner reduces the opposites factions critical magnitude by 10%.

    other key parts on map:

    rock bridges - water, but you don't get slowed down by actually going deep. these are shown with the white polygons with a black boarder.

    water - all water in this section reduces inc healing by 50%, it lasts for 30seconds apon leaving the water too. it's poinsened. don't jump in!

    red mist - these are norb terretory. they increase your miss chance by 10% for 1minite apon leaving, those flys are annoying.

    white lines - look at them here, you can now climb up the mountin behind tol now and some other new walkways on the north that I feel will change a lot.



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