As a VIP subscriber, I'd like to see what is possible for my non-VIP family members, as well as shop for things I may not know exist.

An example is when the improved wallet came out:
As a subscriber from SoA days, if you wanted a toon to be well equipped, you made it yourself, kid. We didn't have no "Crafting boosts", and we walked uphill to the Misty Mountains, and we liked it!

Anyways... now we have the store, and 500TP/month, and to find something that you didn't know existed, you have to:
A) Find out about it through GLFF
B) Read the release notes (gosh! Isn't that fun after not reading them for a year?)
C) Stumble upon it from some random person at the mall. (yes, I heard two kids talking about some special horse at the mall. I think they were talking about LoTRO.)
D) Navigate the store, where here is the process:
Go to the store
Figure out the wording for something you may think you need and search for it
or... Browse (I'll use "account") to your subtopic, then dig deeper to find,
This area of the Store does not contain anything for your character at this time. This could be due to one of several reasons including:

  1. Your character does not meet the correct requirements (class, level, etc).
  2. Your account status may already grant access to this category's offerings.
  3. Accessing the Store from the Character Select Screen will only show account level offers.

As your character advances, offers may become visible. New offers are always being added to the store. Please check back often.

Gosh! That is just awesome! It is just like going to the store, given GPS to the Frosted Flakes, then told, "Sorry, we don't have any. Please go back to the front of the store and try something different! Come back soon!"

How about there being a list of account wide items so we can see if there is something we'd like to have, or work towards?

Also, when there are sales on things like extra LI slots, can we have them delivered to our accounts as inventory items, so if I'm a level 39 toon, and the sale on the slots ends tomorrow, we can just buy them and use them later?

The store is now 3 years old, and it really needs a re-vamp.