I am unable to buy points in the store - and it appears I also can't buy them from Lotro market. All day yesterday, after completing all the info I get an error "System is not available. Please try again later" - I am still getting that. I tried last night from the lotro market and was able to purchase 5000, but when I went to purchase more, I got a message that they were "processing my purchase" or some such, but have not received the code yet from that purchase. Just now, after reading the frequently asked questions, it said to re-enter my information on the My Account site. When I attempted to do that, on putting in the month of expiration the drop down has 2 Julys, and no June. All the other months are there, but apparently June has been renamed to July (not to be confused with July?). So I can't enter an expiration date of June.

Too weird for me. Any help on this?