Hey im making this thread cause since Roi things have been a down slope in my opinion, and Rohan was the worst expansion in history of Lotro for PvP (and other aspects of the game but thats not part of this thread)

Remove NPCs from the moors (Keep one shotters of course at the rezz circles)

Remove the delving npcs ,maybe make this area specific for arena fights whether it be 1v1s , 6v6 , 12v12 or even 24v24..groups can que themselves and wait for others to come challenge their group with whatever numbers they see fit. You can choose to fight them with more numbers and if they accept it thats fine and is something they will have to accept on their side or decline.

Make it so people can hide their ranks and names (this heplps those that felt are being specifically targetted for their own reasons and also helps those that feel like they cant get a fight from others) , and also maybe let others pick and choose what name they feel like placing on you to where its only seen on you own account. For example if i right click on a guy and feel like naming him "Defeat response", only I will see that name i gave him on my screen and others can do same.

If one side has pop buff, the other side cant take outposts for mastery buffs.

LEt me know what you think and feel free to add to this