I know this may just be the way my luck is running, but I conducted a test recently. I normally grab every single node I see either to use the resources or to sell them. I had been adventuring in Wildermore with two toons for several months. But I noticed very few Tarnished Crests of Rohan dropping compared to my best memory of drops in Rohan.

So for the last two weeks, I have continued my normal grabbing of nodes in Wildermore, and in that time, got over 900 resources (Oak and Riddermark Ore) but got only one Tarnished Crest. Each week I sent one of my toons into Rohan on a farming run, and both times with less than 200 resources gathered, I got three Tarnished Crests the first time, and four during the second run.

So not sure if theres a discrepancy in drop rates, or my luck was just acting up. Anyone else notice a lack of Tarnished Crests dropping in Wildermore?