So i just saw this as comment and thought it was perfect so i made it into thread.
credit to goes to some random guy
it doesnt matter what the map looks like, it's what on it.

a big open land is boring. you need lodes of aspects. for example but not limited too:

obsticals - things that stand out in open zones like tree's or rocks so fighting near can disrupt ranged classes and level playing feild at times. they can be used for all sorts and levels of how much they are around can really chanage a battle. compare fighting in lumber camp tree's to rocks in TR feilds to the open bit in TR feilds.

bottle neck - open end and losing end can really slow down attackers and be the place of huge battles. it makes aoe classes more potent and really challanges players with choices of running it or not. there normally great for the defending side (open end) while attackers struggle to get past the thinnest part.

one way paths - this can be as simple as a drop way or a wall you can only jump over one side. this is great way to give players choices of how to attack and move around area's. this is rarest seen in moors yet can be crucial to FPS games to break a good turtling defensive team. this does work well in MMO's though and should be seen more of to have serious choices about your paths, and not always breaking your legs when jumping down.

tunnles / 2 way paths - very linier paths that only allow players to go 2 ways in a tightish gap. the bit between lug and grams is an example of this very loosly. it can be good, but should be one of the least used as play can turn very ping pong if the sides are balanced too fairly. this works well with one way paths going into it.

blind corners - keeps do this a lot. anything could be around the corner. it's kinda broke because we can select people around them, but it still causes issues to ranged classes and adds some serious depth in fighting and allows for some great counter attacks.

safe zones - there are a few types of, completely safe (like GY's), camps/keeps that shelter you less and places that don't hold NPC's but gives the defending player an advantage of routes (use of one way paths). lotro has this a little, but NPC's are the weakest they've even been and storming a keep is easier than ever, especially for freeps. these NEED to be far apart, other wise people will hop to quickly between them and hug too much. some othe elements lotro arn't using are healing/buffs in certain area's (we kinda have them, but not enough and all are tied next to NPC's). this could be as simple as having the outposts buff just within certain area's to have an advantage over, not just a general "all the map" buff.

landscape hazards - water, mobs that attack both sides and cliffs is what lotro mainly uses. it lets you have open area's but paths imbetween the obsticals. if you want to go faster but more dangerous, you can. it allows for some depth and is one of the best punishments that can be used if you don't like your players running away from each other. a zigzag path up a mountin gives a much higher chance that defenders can push back than just a straight path backwards. but at the same time, we don't have fall damage. so it would be interesting to see more of these used around the place.

clear feilds - not even hills tbh. nothing to hide behind and nothing to use. just man to man fights here. we have some nice ones tbh, can't complain and no need to explain.

high ways - we know where they are in lotro, but there a big part of the PvP games. having a fast track to certain places is nice. but I've seen this done better. for example "paths" buff out of combat players with +20% riding and run speed. it instantly makes them super useful, but prone to attacks... with the vast distance some creeps/freeps travel for fights, this can make one of the worst bits about moors (travling) not so boring. having more little skirmishes and putting fear into players using the main roads or not.

cross raods - it sounds stupid, but busy cross roads can make battles. tol is just one big cross road tbh. imagen removing the keep there and just having clear roads? the battles you would get there would be epic! lotro has removed most of them and most people smarter to not using main paths. but adding this with blind corners and hazrds off the road, you can get some surprising large battles that can end quickly.

take the time and expand your map and put in what you want from each area and how you would segment them. thats the real challange of map making, not just an overhead picture, that almost explains nothing...