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    Slither quote thread

    Come back, Slither! The forums, chat, and PVMP in general, are getting boring. I'll start this out:

    "Olagaton: Yes I'm sure. I wouldn't have typed it if I wasn't sure."

    Let's see what others forums searches come up with!
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    "f*** I'm lagging"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olagaton View Post
    .....creeps be auto-leveled to 75, thereby further extending the insta-roll/available creep class accessibility advantage vs the Freep side?
    so many gems
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    "If you're mocking someone's video game skill, you're likely a complete tool."

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    I have to say I miss him too, and I guess that reflects on the sorry state of the game. The funny thing is in ToR I was on the same server as Slither, we even played the same class, and I PvPed with and against him many times, but he was completely silent in ToR.

    I can't remember any quotes offhand, but I did enjoy his equivocations. Like having a level 30 something Burg at rank 6 or something with 3 stars, but he didn't exploit!!! And the whole bag swapping fiasco.

    I often wonder how Slither would have responded to the "farm" era, but of course as soon as all Creeps had the ability to track he was gone from the moors. Never to return, I fear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladgilrian View Post
    And the whole bag swapping fiasco.



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