Who here remembers LOTRO in it's heyday? You know, when Ered Luin was full of people and new kinships, trade running up and down the road, people talking? I went around Falathlorn and Duillond today. It's really, really, really sad. Nobody. NOT A SINGLE PLAYER. No recruits, no newbies, no NOONE. I know, you get caught up in the new and exciting stuff to the far east, you pull the quick-travel skill off to make room for another, etc. You forget. I REALLY encourage everyone to take a trip there, at least once more in the next several weeks. Buy something from a vendor there, kill a level 1 enemy, do a quest you never did whatever. Just go back and remember what you did, where you did it. Musicians, play a song or two. Or just have a good /laugh or /Cry Command. Just go back there, go back to the old maps and places, refight the Dourhands, etc. Otherwise, nobody will. And LOTRO might decide it needs to save server room and get rid of it. And that would be the most tragic of all.

PS I'm on the Imladris Server. Stop over sometime. I've still got the original vintages from the vineyard quest. I'll even wear the old Vinter's trousers. I'd be more than happy to share a cup of Fabled Dorwinion Wine.

PPS If you go back, post your experience and/or thoughts about it.