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    Post The good old days of SEVERAL years ago....

    HI ALL,

    Who here remembers LOTRO in it's heyday? You know, when Ered Luin was full of people and new kinships, trade running up and down the road, people talking? I went around Falathlorn and Duillond today. It's really, really, really sad. Nobody. NOT A SINGLE PLAYER. No recruits, no newbies, no NOONE. I know, you get caught up in the new and exciting stuff to the far east, you pull the quick-travel skill off to make room for another, etc. You forget. I REALLY encourage everyone to take a trip there, at least once more in the next several weeks. Buy something from a vendor there, kill a level 1 enemy, do a quest you never did whatever. Just go back and remember what you did, where you did it. Musicians, play a song or two. Or just have a good /laugh or /Cry Command. Just go back there, go back to the old maps and places, refight the Dourhands, etc. Otherwise, nobody will. And LOTRO might decide it needs to save server room and get rid of it. And that would be the most tragic of all.

    PS I'm on the Imladris Server. Stop over sometime. I've still got the original vintages from the vineyard quest. I'll even wear the old Vinter's trousers. I'd be more than happy to share a cup of Fabled Dorwinion Wine.

    PPS If you go back, post your experience and/or thoughts about it.

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    Now you understand how the elves feel in their immortal life, or the old Bilbo when he's sitting next to the warm fire years after his 50 birthday, look out the window and recall the adventure with his friends. There are many things will never come back.


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    I know. It's just a whole lot of nostalgia and some really poor handling by admin of gameplay and server loads. Irony, my character is an elf. Oh well, here's to hoping the thread does some good...

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    MMOs change over time. That is just the way of things, and people do not like change. I saw it in Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Yes, there were changes that I did not like, such as the quest tracker, LIs, auto filled maps, and Hobbit presents. And anyone that knows me knows all too well how poorly I took that 3 year old beta forum. But there were also good changes, the biggest was Turbine laying the smack down on gold farmers and sellers, and I cannot recall the last time I saw gold spam on a chat channel.

    I like the game a lot better then it was before. But that is only my personal enjoyment. It does not make me right.
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    I don't know. I play on Imladris and it seems like there's always someone around the lynx den, or up northeast among the spiders when I'm there.

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    I play on Imladris too, and there have been several RP events in and around Celondim over the past few months. It's not totally neglected
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    I was there, I remember when...

    I also remember when there were no horses and everywhere you wanted to go you ran... and ran... and ran. Some of the changes have been good, but I am not too happy with the Hobbit Presents. I think this will throw the economy of the game out of whack. I still enjoy going to the old areas for visits, and taking my toons back to finish up their slayer deeds that I skipped ages ago.

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    I joined only 2 years ago. So, I do not know of what you speak.

    However, I do have several toons at varying levels (one is capped out at 85, one is at 75, the rest are well below 50). So, it's nice to jump on a toon and go level in those quiet, not quite as populated areas.
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    That was when F2P launched and there was a big influx of new people.

    But even so, it's not quite how I remembered it. I started over on Imaldris back then (since it was a new server) and I don't remember any of that. Okay, I had human characters so was more in Bree, but still, I never saw any guilds recruiting or people talking that much, other than the usual nonsense you see.

    And I've started characters on probably half a dozen other servers in the last couple of years, to see what those servers are like. Usually you see a few people, it's not like it's completely deserted.

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    I still remember the last thing I did during the LOTRO beta was make the run with a bunch of other people to check out Rivendell and boy was it a sight the first time I laid eyes on it.

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    Yes, I love Ered Luin,And leveled a few elf's pre Moria.

    One thing in particular i liked was the Npc playing flute,the melody was perfect,with the snowy backdrop.(must sound goofy i know)

    Coming fresh out of the intro,into that I knew Id be hooked.

    Sucks though they changed most of the Npc music now.well few years ago they did.



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