Hi all,

Returning founder here after a 2 year break from lotro (on & off). I have a higher level Warden on this 2nd account, which I've parked, and have now started a new LM, which was always my 1st love (I had a founder account way back in 07 which I passed onto a friend a couple years in after I took a break; he then passed that onto his Mrs & started a new one for himself; I started a new one with them on their server & got my Mrs onto the game with a 2nd account as well...long story, eh . They are now VIPs & have been for 3-4 years continually, and obviously only due to my generosity & introduction to the game (I gave up a 1/2 dozen mid-high levels chars on my original account/server just quietly, but that was my choice alone in not insisting on taking it back after my mate leveled a number of his own chars on the new server, eh).

Anyway, as I'm leveling my LM I've now hit several nickle&dime issues, especially around traits & the currency cap. I had about 1300+ store points left over from my Path of the Fellowship purchase a few years ago & used that to buy the shared vault (no-brainer) & have since spent the rest on trait slots pretty much for this LM. I thought it was only virtues, but have now hit the same roadblock with race/class slots as well, which has annoyed me no end, being a premium player, so I just had to post this. Even more so, I hit the 5G currency cap & now I *continually* get the pop-up telling me I have overflow cash. Not amused....even after I sent some of it to the warden as she appears to be exempt from all the caps & annoying limits/pop-ups, that a premium player should not have to put up with across the entire account imo! I can only assume she (& 1 other lower level char presumably) are exempt because they were created while I was an active subscriber for the few months all those years ago. Just silly really...

This entire system of nickle&diming is borked for a F2P premium player & is grating enough that I will most likely stop playing the game soon, as I approach the limit walls & 30th level with the LM (and God knows what other paywalls I'll hit fom here on in!). What do I (or rather Turbine) need to do to get around this in the simplest/easiest/cheapest way possible? I want to support the game but can't right now financially (for various reasons), and as a founder (albeit on another account) and a subscriber of many years, being treated like a complete froob on my alts is unacceptable, not to mention unaffordable right now. I simply won't be pressured into buying more store points for utility stuff I should have across the entire account, but I was gladly going to buy more quest packs when I got some money, especially as I need the higher zones/expansions that weren't included in the original base+Moria+POTF packs I got. So, over to you guys & Turbine - your choice how you treat founders & long time subscribers in this regard (and thanks in advance for all the 'don't let the door hit you' & 'don't be a scrooge' & 'suck it up' comments from all those with a mile high horse under them ;-p).