I haven't really played a minstrel for well over a year, back before the big change they made--was it almost 2 years ago? Anyway, I'm just wondering is it me or has the game really became this easy?

I started a new minstrel as an alt a few weeks ago, mainly because my main was an explorer and trying to gather scholar resources while fighting on the landscape was a pain, so I rolled this minstrel to be my scholar.

I'm being adventurous and running this toon in Harmony, simply because I want the protector of song legendary trait, and since I must have 5 yellow traits, I might as well get used to that stance early.

After getting to level 30, I had my tailor make a full set of guild crafted blue armour and my jeweller make a full set of blue guild jewellry and my weaponsmith make a blue guild sword, so I know my armour is higher than usual, but I'm still running around Garth Argarwen taking on enemies on level that I've never been able to take on before with any other type of toon. My main is a hunter, and I would have never been able to do what I've been doing on level with this minstrel!

Case in point:

At level 29, while down in Harloeg doing the quest to kill the trolls, I took on Galrip (the boss) AND a bone crusher troll AND a stone throwing troll all three at once and managed to survive and beat them all, while only having to hit my athelas potions no more than once or twice.

Today, at level 32, in Agamaur, I am taking on the level 32 elite grim waters and surviving. I've never been able to do that before, especially on level!

And what really blew me out of the water? While going back into Agamaur to see if I could handle the grim waters, I encountered a Creoth leader and TWO grim Creoth, all three at the same time, and won the match! My hunter before this had trouble with just the leader when she was 10 levels higher than him, and would have never had a hope of winning a match against the leader, let alone the leader AND 2 minions, on level!

So I'm wondering: is this the norm for minstrels since the last few updates? Have they really made the minstrels this super powerful, or have they really, really made the game this easy lately? Or should I just chalk it up to my guild crafted equipment?