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    Im an old player. Ive run a few different toons but havent been omline in a couple years. My toons were Volundr, a lvl 75 guardian on the imladris server, Odahvwhing a lvl 65 hunter on riddermark, and Volundar a lvl 75 rnk on riddermark server.

    Im finally getting back online and im interested in starting a LM. Im looking for tips on gameplay dynamics and gear/traits/legacies for a dps LM build. Ive never run one past lvl 30 before and any tips would be awesome.

    Specifically id like to know what virtues i should b running endgame and what opinions are on the best combination of gear and legacies would be to help me capitalize on my dps without sacrificing too much in terms of morale and mitigations.

    i want to be able to hit hard and dps multiple targets but i dont want to be overly squishy while doing so.
    Ive seen 11k hp and 11k pwr LMs and while im not looking to be that high in morale neither do i want to end up being a glass cannon that goes out in one hit.

    So, anyone have any tips to build a high damage output offensive LM while maintaining decent mits and morale???

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    You will have much better chances of getting good responses by asking in the Lore-Master's forum as this is the Hunter's forum. Not all Hunter's play a Lore-Master.
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