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    On Top of Earth's Rock

    Okay you guys! I finally got to the top of Earth's Rock AND I have a witness. So no more laughing at the poor she-elf hunter at the bottom of the rock while you all had your heads in the sky! ROFL

    Nin was my witness, too. AND I have a picture. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=16kxc80&s=5


    ps - it only took me 10 tries!
    Earth - Credendo Vides

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    Omg grats earth! Lol
    Aglathion of Crickhollow R13 Captain (formerly Imladris/Brandywine/Landroval)

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    Dec 2011
    Birmingham, UK
    Lol Earth! We're all very proud of you. My getting up there was some kind of fluke, I'm sure. I doubt I could do it again any time soon.

    I still wanna see the screenshot though, Agla. I would have taken one if I were any good at them.

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    Yeah, Algi! where's the screenshot you took?! LOL

    Earth - Credendo Vides

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    is this the ettenmoors prancing pony rooftop? ..good one earthewen, i gotta try it
    Legofin - R10 - Level 100 Champion - Imladris

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    AHAHAH Lego! No, this is Earth's Rock...so named by Meldo! ROFL!!!

    Earth - Credendo Vides



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