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    Bounders bounty come on firefooters!!!

    Once upon a time there was a small little server name Firefoot it was quite unique in it's on way close knit kins with pride and characters galore that enjoyed the less crowded server and accomplishments it overcame many times over with very talented groups and thinkers and then the Dark Age of After Angmar came and level cap to 60 came and people were excited and race to see to glory waiting around the bend. There was a challenge put to the test for little server Firefoot a challenge we met and overcame with great pride. We battle GM's across countless regions even in The Dreadful Moors even when Evil came to Bree ...We overcame and broke thru a threshold meant for larger servers to accomplish, I need not give the name of this quest server wide for those that made it to level cap were there and know it well and my brothers in arms were there and they know the tale well.

    If you made it this far reading do not despair little brother there is more!

    Now a time has come where you can immortalize your name forever until the endgame, till Turbine shuts the doors on game. Most have claim glory and fame and I say on to you....Yes you have…. but your mission is not done yet..... Those that come after you will not know who you are or your great deeds. Those same will thank you in silence and be in awed in wonder that such a feat could not possibly be accomplished here no not on this little server of such drama nowadays........ And I say nay to all you naysayers out because when the chips are down and when it really counts and when you really need em FIREFOOT COMES THRU!!!

    We band together like a family at a BBQ reunion cousins, aunts uncles all come out the woodworks to pitch in and taste that sweet victory of doing something that involves whole server. I know this because I am always watching and listening and only come to forums to read some of the rants but my heart sings for us to stand up even when standing is hard.
    I am looking to and at you --- leaders of kins and you hard grinders and soloers and laidback players out there pitch in and help show we still have some server pride left .Maybe just maybe those that contribute will even get their name immortalized in the statue.
    More than anything I just want to see all of us go for gold...if we end up with a silver or bronze as long as we tried and put our hearts and souls on the line and take a little time out of their normal routine to help would be great …so Firefoot step up,…. step up just step up or step out.For Firefoot!!!!!!!

    I want right now some pledges from kins on this server show who the biggest and baddest kin out there can do show me some kin pride.

    You lonesome souls (soloers) out there show your pledge if not glory then for the shinnies!!!

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    You would have my spear if I was able to play for longer than 45sec before crashing. Godspeed.

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    Hello Guys,

    Me and my kinsmen of Defenders Of The White Tower are donating all we gather.
    I hope many Kinships will follow in our firefootsteps..

    Grtz Nimrhodel

    "Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo"

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    I would, without hesitation bring my sword and staff to bear on this task, and would (again without hesitation) donate every single bounders token I could get my hands on except for one little problem................. Since March of this year I CAN'T LOG INTO THE GAME ON MY MAIN CHARACTER WITHOUT TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING AND THEN TRYING SOME MORE!!!!!!!!! (see the VERY extensive service ticket regarding this if you aren't already familiar with the issue).

    That said, I know engineering is trying to figure out what it is about W7HP and my main character (Mythicman) that's causing this, but since I'm not going out to get a new OS anytime soon, and have little to no interest in leveling other toons, I'm afraid you'll have to count the LM out of this equation, but I will mention all this to the folks at Redemption and see if I can't light a fire there.


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    Great Job so far !!!!! You guys and girls are awesome!
    Even keeping up with bigger servers!!!! Keep it up and every little bit counts.

    Here are some links to graphs showing counts so far for each server and other related info... Enjoy!! and thank you to all the Firefooters!!!!

    Bounder's Bounties Server Totals


    Bounder's Bounty Guide and Server Donations Graph


    This is very similar to the Fragments of Ring-Lore event that occurred before the release of Eregion.The drop rate was low when the event first launched and gradually increased. So keep your Hopes up and do not get discouraged
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    I hear ya, Firefoot is lagging way behind the other servers and it would be real nice to get the serverwide goodies. I'm just a casual player but I'll do my part! My average of 50/day has been rather paltry, but I'm only on for an hour or so a day at best. I'll put my best toon on this right away!

    BTW - Ronin was a cool movie too!
    "Never argue with a fool, it's difficult to tell the difference"



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