It was brought to my attention today that The Family has also been nominated in this years Dragon Slayer awards. I wish someone had mentioned this to me earlier as I would have included you all in our previous posts about the awards. As hard as I may try, I don't know the name of every kin on every server, so I rely on your guys to keep me filled in when something should be called out. Please feel free to drop me a PM if your kin, or you know of a kin that has recieved a special recognition or if they're hosting any kind of server event. I might be able to help spotlight these things.

So, my apologies to The Family Kinship for the omission. Congratulations on your nomination for Best Group, Clan, or Guild.

For those that have no idea what I'm talking about...

The Dragon Slayer Awards are held annually and are 100% player nominated and voted. Just getting nominated is a major accomplishment as it means a large number of people thought enough of your game, group, etc. to put your name in the hat. LOTRO won last year for Most Passionate fan base and we have a great statue in our office as a result. This year LOTRO was nominated in a total of 4 categories and there are 7 total nominations as follows:

Most Passionate Fan Base

Best Community Team
  • Turbine

Community Manager
  • Rick “Sapience” Heaton

Best Group, Guild, or Clan
  • Dragonfly
  • The Family
  • The Lonely Mountain Band

You can vote here: