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    whats the fastest leveling up class?

    i might start a new char but can't decide witch 1 i should chose?

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    Hunter, champs and RK's are the fastest.
    But wich one u prefer depends on ur playstyle
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    Even if you don't read quest texts, you will still spend considerably more time going from place to place, between quest givers to locations, than actually fighting mobs. The active combat will be just a fraction of your levelling time, so class choice will not make it much faster to level a character, we are talking about 10-20% difference, and even less as you can build any class to deal decent burst damage for questing purposes. However, using ports (e.g. Hunter skills), multiple milestones, or Travelling Writs, will make it much faster. For example, with Travelling Writs, you can get from level 1 to level 20 in LESS THAN 5 hours with ANY class.

    That said, the speed of levelling should not be the goal if you are starting new character. It is best to decide the class based on your preferred play style (damage dealing, support, crowd control, healing, etc).
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    i started a new char

    is captains a fast level up? cause i started on wed and i'm level 20!

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    captains level pretty quick in the beginning but so does everything else, but later on they become a pain to level.

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    My captain is actually on lvl65 and it goes very quick to lvl him up, faster than my old LM.
    Wardens and hunters, too, but never ever guardians and (my opinion) RKs.
    My opinion for all classes is:

    Cappy - fast
    hunter - fast
    warden - fast
    Champ - normal
    minstrel - normal
    burg - normal
    LM - normal / bad
    Rk - normal / bad
    Guardian - bad

    (... to lvl up quickly)
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    Knock down the door and kill them all using aoe

    Champion is faster than others fighting but fighting is not all in this game.

    Only hunters can do some quests as fast as champs and more killing solo targets, and are faster travelling, but it all is about the player.

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    Champion is definitely the fastest. Since most of quests are about killing stuff, dps classes level faster and Champion is the fastest, because of ability to kill group of mobs very fast and because of survivability, which allows you to take more mobs at once and reduces the time you recover after fights.

    Captain, on the other hand, is a pain - the slowest class to level I've tried.
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