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    we can't get out

    I am trying to complete this critical session play for the moria epic line. Yet I fail it everytime right now on the retreat part. There are 2 armoured trolls in a row and no way to defeat both. I have tried running over the bridge but the quest hasn't advanced to retreat over the bridge for some reason. This is most frustrating as I don't remember this one giving me any trouble on the 3 other chars I have done it on. If I attack the troll all out I will be get the snot knocked out of me. If I don't frar will. Either way I fail everytime at that point. Also I still see they haven't fixed the out of combat power regen that too is frustrating as I have to wait for 3-4 minutes out of combat to regen my power. As a note on the character sheet I noticed that in combat morale regen is 0.
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    there is somewhere another thread about this one... since update 11 or so you really can't get out anymore
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    1. You dont need to fight the trolls.
    2. If you do want to fight the trolls, take them one at a time. Both together is pretty hard, alone they're fairly easy.
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    just before the retreat where you defeat the orc captain and his two lackeys at the top of the stairs....as soon as they are dead, turn around and run....don't wait for any dialogue, don't look...just run to the bridge. when i did it that way there were no trolls...just 3 more orcs to take out...then run across the bridge and advance it. at the last part in the final chamber, enable Fire Under the Mountain (+1548.1 in-Combat Power Regen) and use Bracing Attack (healing) as much as possible. also, don't wade into the fight, let it come to you 1 or 2 orcs at a time. the other dwarves will die but if you just take out the orcs that make it to you, you should be able to finish it no problem.

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    This session play is WAI. I ran it just the other day at the same time as a friend.

    Fight your way up the stairs. At the very top are 3 mobs. Kill those. You will be prompted to speak with one of the dwarves. Do so and down the hall the balrog and two trolls appear. Turn immediately and run for your life back down the stairs. Two dwarves will stay behind (and naturally die) while you escape with the 3rd dwarf. When you reach the bridge there will be 3 more orcs to kill. Slay them and cross to the other side of the bridge, where another dwarf waits. You talk to that dwarf and then get transported out of that part of the session play.

    Best of luck!
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    My partner and i noticed this instance can bug out on you.
    We ran the instance, as we usually do, side by side and while i could get through the instance without too much drama, in his session the last dwarf always died as it would go back, hang around to fight trolls or it would stay behind while he ran for his life. (if that dwarf dies you fail).
    He always has to shut down the game and then try again after some convincing from me. :/

    Very frustrating for him, doing exactly the same as I, running away straight away and fighting the last 3 orcs, and not getting through the first stage.

    Then on another toon, i did as i always did and when i got back over the bridge, there was no dwarf on the other side to click to get out. Quickly killed the 3 orcs and i had to run back over the bridge and grab the guy who is supposed to run off with you as he was sight seeing on the wrong side. ><

    As for the final fight, i drag the orcs to the side wall, just around from the door /baricade so the archers don't hang in the hall way firing at me.

    Oh - dont knock the last 3 orcs of the bridge with horn either - the dwarf will go off after them ><.

    It is the most disliked session play for us.

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    I was able to finally beat it. I recommend not running until the two guys engage the trolls also stay well enough behind them. I believe the issue may be one of them either not engaging the trolls or the trolls aggroing on you instead of the dwarfs.
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