This discussion has been going on over on my server for a while (and since I first saw it many years ago) since a certain person decided to run around with 4 toons at one time. One leads them they all auto follow each other and of course they are very hard to kill, takes at least a good group. Now, to my understanding the CoC states;

1. While participating in the Game or on the Game Website you must respect the rights of others to play and enjoy the Game world as intended by Turbine.

and also

4. While playing the Game or participating in related services, you may not exhibit or partake in behavior that is disruptive to the Game’s normal playability, causes grief or alarm to other players, or degrades the service performance or other players’ client software (for example, deliberately using game bugs or loopholes to disrupt the game or dropping excessive items).

Now, I am 100% certain the developers did not intend for people to multibox...and according to #1 of the CoC we all must play the game as it was intended by Turbine. It is not normal to have a group or more to kill 1 player, well, I won't get into the OP status of Freeps lol, but you know what I mean. It is not normal. What is normal is people play one toon at a time, is that not normal? Now, we see in #4 that we are not allowed to partake in any behavior that is disruptive to the game's normal playability, causes grief... IMHO a multi-boxer is doing just that, partaking in behavior that is disruptive and causing grief, and again, it's not normal. On that same note, if 3rd party software is not allowed in-game, and these multi-boxers have all 4 (or whatever number of toons) moving, fighting, running, etc., all at the same time, there is no way possible the person is controlling each toon separately therefore some sort of macro or program must be running them.

I do not know any MMO that I have ever played that allowed multi-boxing/bots. I have not played every MMO so maybe there are some out there that do, I do not know. Yet, according to Turbine's own CoC multi-boxers are, yes, they are, going against the CoC and something needs to be done about it once and for all.

Thank you.