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    +++Grats to Eary, Rank 11, Queen of Silverload+++

    Grats to Earyende This server wouldn't be as great if it wasn't you for; terrific mini, terrific leader, and even more wonderful person. Congratulations to rank 11 eary. And It would be appropriate to thankyou also for all the wonderful groups Ive been apart with you over the years. Whether its pvp or pve, you add not only your skill, but great personality to the group. Without you, this game wouldn't mean as much to me, and many other people. I can always count on you for those heals that save us from the zergs Keep on making a difference on this server, and best of luck to r12. Long live the Queen!!!


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    Gratz Eary I hear they quartermaster gives minis tridents when they get this far in rank.
    Arrogance is a form of self-deception.

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    grats Eary

    congratulations to rank 11
    Meong (rank 10, RK) of Rhunen Rendir | Artemiburz (rank 10, BA)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kichisaburo View Post
    Gratz Eary I hear they quartermaster gives minis tridents when they get this far in rank.
    What the heck?! I need to get mine! Grats Eary!!
    Healsyou/Healsyouu. Worst Minstrel and Defiler ever.

    [Raid] Soltaz: kill.... the freeps

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    Grats on 11, Eary! Always a pleasure to group with you, it's a rare thing indeed to have the peace of mind to know the heals will simply be there. You'll always get a stun protect from me!!
    Irin r8 Hunter // Arngar r8 Burg // Akthuri r15 LM // Vishus r5 Captain // Curad r11 (active) Mini

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    Congrats Earyende.

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    Strong Work Eary!

    From being focused on to having to heal champs that have no impulse control, you have truly earned every ounce of renown. Here's to R12!

    Don't let them have your Lucky Charms, they are after them for sure.



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    Congratulations Eary! For someone who says 'I just run around firing skills' you are amazing. Big hugs

    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”



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