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    Finally, though it has been reiterated a plethora of times in these forums, it is clear you do not understand that multi-boxing is NOT botting. One has nothing to do with the other. The former is perfectly acceptable while the latter is against the ToS and EULA. A bot is autonomous while a multi-boxing fellowship/raid is under the complete control of an individual. Each key press carries out one and only one respective key press on each account that is being played.
    'Each key press carries out one and only on erespective key press on each account that is being played'?

    100% of Turbine-approved plugins will allow one single click to issue one single command, to one single character, and not "1 to each" account that you might happen to have logged in from a separate launcher.

    You are obviously using 3rd party software that is against the TOS, to allow yourself to issue more than 1 single command with 1 single click/press.

    If you press the 1 key and your Guardian uses skill x, that's fine.

    If you then tab over to a mini, press the 1 key which uses skill y, that's fine.

    If you're playing your Guardian and have set up a key/combo that allows you to activate a skill on a separate character from your Guardian, you are using 3rd party software that is against the TOS, period.

    Especially when one command activates more than one toon, because then the toons ARE playing automatically. Sure, you set up the commands for them to follow, but you aren't controlling them - a 3rd party program is controlling them in such a way that they (automatically play/)perform the way that you set up your 3rd party program to have them respond to the commands you issue as you control your main toon.

    The ONLY reason multiboxing is allowed is because there is some small chance that multiboxed toons will be on paid-for/might pay at some point accounts.
    What they are 'allowing' is for you to pay them more, and log a toon on and put it on follow.

    Any type of program you're using to 'box'? Bet it ain't a LOTRO plugin - is it?

    Please, do tell us what program(s) you use.
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