Posting again to say props for taking a deeper look at PVP, and trying to make it better. But, I think it is important to note that not all of us "high" ranks are farmers, so when you are out there, try not to autoaccuse someone in your mind, of being a farmer. I am from Riddermark, rank 11, it has taken me almost 3 years to get there. I personally know 7 r11 and aboves, and have been there every step of the way with them. Until recently, none of us even had creeps. We have had a lot of transfers of high ranks coming in, but, that is because along side the 7 Commanders are the 7 or so high rank creeps that we have been having a blast duking it out with over the years. I guess they got famous, and ppl came to "take them down". Well, sadly, a lot of our high rank creeps transferred out. Now we are dealing with a multiclient/multibox 10+ spiders and pets "thing". It used to be a giant ball of 17 reavers, but I am a warden, so you can guess how that turned out for them, lol. Since multiboxing is not against the rules for some stupid reason, we all get oneshotted repeatedly. But, we will find a way to adapt. We always do.
Long story short, farmers know they are farmers, and I hope this puts the fear of their mistakes into perspective. They aren't fooling anybody. When you have ppl out there 6-10 hours a day scratching away at that yellow bar that never seems to move, and someone comes along and passes you up... yeah, we believe you. But we like to keep it clean and have fun. I hope we can all get back to old school scrapping it out and chasing red dots until your eyes dry up and you run out of soda. But for now, we deal with the fakers, and the cheaters. Rock on! I hope things get better on the other servers, too. I actually thought about transferring, but Riddermark is what we made it, and "ain't no fools gonna mess it up, yo." - Frae.