I have watched 2 of my buddies farm to r15 on creep and freep respectively, and they are LOL like crazy at these new rules. What I find funny is that all you supposed rank purists see this as a victory, but in reality it is the ultimate defeat. It now confirmed that rank farming was never against the rules, it was confirmed by Sap in this thread.

So essentially the worst of the worst of farming has been over for a long time, and now the rules start at a time when A. This game is deader than elvis, B. PvP is still a joke. and C. All farmed rank has now been legitimized by the community manager by pointing out that you cant go back and punish people for rules that didn't exist.

You realize how bad lotro pvp must have been for people to prefer rank farming to playing when in the moors? Secondly, you realize how frigging stupid it is to require YEARS of constant play to achieve high ranks to begin with?

SWTOR is getting ready to launch an update to the game that is 100% pVp focused, after less than 2 years, lotro hasn't done a pvp update of any real consequence in 6 years.

Swtor has added content, including new raids every couple of months for the last 2 years, lotro has abandoned pve.... for skirmish type big battles.....

Swtor has a store that is making money on a scale that is insane because they put a lot of work into the game. (they are a public company, so they are required to publish revenue) turbine is privately owned which is why they hide (subs, numbers, and revenue)

But there are a slew of other games who have recognized that pvp is what keeps people playing during down times.... and YET here we are, in 6 years, the most important update to pvp that has garnered the biggest response and generated the most news.... is a new rule.... that is a huge fail and until lotro actually makes pvp a priority, this game will always been an after thought in mmos.

Not to mention with the reliance on the scaling system being an excuse to not generate new content, and the use of big battles.... they have alleviated a huge amount of developer time, yet that just means less work, not more content...