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    Quote Originally Posted by mrfigglesworth View Post
    Can anyone answer these questions? I'm curious if anyone knows another counter to flayer warg root as I've never seen one besides sprint.

    And also what are the other incoming healing debuffs for each class? The champ no longer has incoming healing debuff on armor, it was switched out of our fervor gear for another 4 set bonus.

    Hunters ?
    rks ?
    any others?
    Sorry, I'd been drinking a bit when I posted that and got myself confused, forget the root stuff...

    Minstrels have a moors relic that gives -10% inc healing on song of soothing i think it is.
    Burgs get a relic that does gives -10% on subtle stab.
    As I said previously, hunters get the bonus on merciful shot with 4 pieces of the predator set (I don't know the %)
    Nyrion mentioned the -30% on essence of winter already.
    Routing Cry 4-set bonus on the Loyalty moors set gives -35% for cappies
    Onslaught, Warden's Triumph, and Adroit manouvre give -25% for wardens in melee stances only that stacks to -50%

    I don't know how potential stacking on the non-warden ones work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bels_illuminati View Post
    I have to take issue with these points. In recklessness we are very reliant on DoTs yes, but on 75 dummies over 16 seconds (until they reset) it is possible to do OVER 5k dps in assailment even in red traits totally solo.

    Which leads on to the second point about no burst. I disagree entirely because of the possibilities in assailment. Once you're all buffed and have a battle prepped WoS and masteries off cd I fail to see how WoS>WoS>WoS>Wages from behind>SpSp>SpFi Sp FiFi>WoS>WoS (meaning two more WoS while only using the Sp builder once) is anything BUT burst, in fact it is up there with the best burst in the game and has very little cooldown. Considering in PvE WoS comfortably reaches 12-13k devs solo and over 15k in groups this has an incredible damage potential in a short space of time. If coordinated with Oathies.... dear lord
    One, or a handful of parses on an underlevel training dummy doesn't make for a great example, especially considering what the level gap does to your crit chance. Assailment is absolutely where our burst dps lies, but it isn't that great, its a slow stance, and most importantly to me at least, forces you into complete garbage rotations that make you no better than hunters whose whole class revolves around spamming one skill.

    P.S. why Boar's rush over combination strike for burst damage? even with the slightly higher crit change, boar's rush on a crit hits softer than a regular combination strike.

    Quote Originally Posted by Untg99 View Post
    Galtrev dummies are of little to no indication of PvP potential as the magnitude of critical chance tends to be higher.
    Try it on the medium or light dummy in GV.
    Given the allotted animation time, it's still a fairly lengthy period, and still very reliant on morbid crit chance when both compared to the skill synergies of other classes.

    Assailment burst can be deadly it's true, but I personally tend to see it as more of a clickers stance.
    Also, building for assailment damage doesn't leave much room for dynamic combat, unless you gear swap.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudie-wan View Post
    Only if you use the PvMP relics, thus nerfing both your healing and damage, and only for a truly negligible amount of -inc healing even then.
    I've heard in combat LI swaps aren't going anywhere with HD.
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